When chickens are coming to town

This is the subtitled version of the video already published in august 2021 under the title « Quand les poules montent à la ville »

Brittany is an area of intensive poultry farming to such an extent that, even in towns, individuals started raising hens. These NaP (New Animal Pets), with the support of city councils, are starting to « invade » city gardens. Some years ago, Ferdinand Le Moignier, living in Lannion (Côtes d’Armor – Brittany – France) was seduced by the idea of raising some chickens in his own backyard. The maximum authorized being 4 birds. Of course no rooster as not to bother the neighbor’s.

But let Ferdinand tell us about his own experience as a urban poultry farmer

Duration : 15’42 – Film-maker : Jean-Dominique Gauthier with the participation of Marie-Christine Gauthier for the interview – Translation in english for subtitles, Jacqueline Le Moignier – Producer TV-Trégor – February 2022

Get the HD video version for computer or smartphone by clicking this link : click this link

Get the simple video version via the embedded monitor hereunder (recommended in case of slow internet connection)

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