An art glasswork in Brehat

An art glasswork in Brehat

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What about this fort in Brehat ?

When making a trip on this beautiful Breton island called Brehat, you can discover, by chance, on a hill overlooking the Channel, an old fort still in perfect condition and obviously inhabited. But what happens in this fort ?

At the heart of the glasswork

Since 1998, the Brehat citadel has in fact housed an art glasswork which produces decorative glass pieces in a fully artisanal manner, often intended for luxury establishments. But a large shop inside allows visitors to purchase glass items at all prices.
Let’s Ms. Johanna Neumager, director of operations, tell us about this original glasswork created by her father-in-law. We will also listen to Victor speaking with passion about his profession as an art glassmaker and his vocation which was always obvious to him.

About this video

Duration 6’53 – Director : Cédric Le Normand. Shooting : Cédric Le Normand and Jean-Dominique Gauthier in Brehat on September 2023 the 29th
Subtitled in English by Alban Dubois during a secondary school internship at TV-Tregor. Translation in english supervised by Catherine Le Meur
Production TV-TREGOR – January 2024 – Sub-titled in english in june 2024 – Published in july 2024

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Les Verreries de Bréhat

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